Rise of Virtual and Augmented Reality

It is a new medium that will change the storytelling. Virtual Reality is big but AR is bigger thus rise of virtual and augmented reality. It’s an ultimate empathy machine while experiencing virtual reality in a simple, fun, and affordable way.

Visionary VR’s goal is to help virtual reality content creators simultaneously build and experience the stories they are creating without having to leave their device to do it.  VR devices such as the Oculus Rift are already hit the market. It is estimated Augmented/Virtual Reality revenue forecast to hit $120 billion by 2020. VR technology is largely associated with the gaming industry, the platform offers a new set of content opportunities in entertainment, advertising, and more.

VR headsets by mobile and console gamers will fuel demand for VR content. The VR content market will take an increasing portion of the mobile gaming software industry while VR producers are in high demand, so anyone who has the experience could approach a company in need and ask for a fair amount of money.

It’s worth keeping in mind that AR/VR is still a very early-stage market by Sequoia Partner Matt Huang. VR is not possible without  Augmented Reality(AR) technology which is quite powerful. It represents the future of next generation of the computing technology.

Apple has acquired Metaio and PTC acquired Vuforia – Augmented Reality in 2015 while some best Augmented Reality (AR) Apps making waves.


How AR works? Well, Augmented reality overlays computer-generated video onto camera captured video in such a way that the objects appear to have an absolute location in the real world.

The computers come a long way from mainframes to desktops to tablets to phones, and AR is the next. AR will be the ultimate form factor of the computer before they are actually connected to the human nerve system.


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