Lowest performing and paying full banner ad

The full banner ad unit is a now defunct IAB standard ad unit with the dimensions of 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall. The 468×60 was retired in 2011 by the IAB. A 468×60 is one of the lowest performing and paying ad units available, so it is not recommended.

The Best Performing Banner Sizes for AdSense

People are engaging and interacting more frequently and for more time now than they ever have before. Interaction rate and time, engagement rate and time, and video completions are all on the rise. We use Google Web Designer for developing DoubleClick and Adword Campaigns.

Interaction rate definition:

Interactions are defined as the user does one or more of the following:

  • Mouses over the ad for 1 continuous second
  • Clicks an Exit link
  • Makes the ad display in Full Screen mode
  • Expands the ad

Getting Started

Let start step by step Google web designer, we can create a new blank file for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, and Google Ads, which provide a set of pre-defined ad size that is also the standard of the Google AdSense ad format. New file creation requires us to specify the document title, the name, saved location.

Adding New Element

Google Web Designer provides a set of standard User Interface, which is easy to get accustomed to. The left toolbar lets you select tool add new elements. Add Text using Tools from Left toobar.

CSS Styles

Add Custom Fonts in CSS using Code view option.

Rename Classes

Check code view for content ids and rename through property panel

Renaming id for custom classes


This is where we build animation. This feature is better explained with a youtube video demo which so much easier.

It seems that different ad formats are better suited for different campaign goals: expanding formats lead to higher interaction rates while in-page formats lead to higher interaction times. Check out Display Benchmarks Tool

If you’re looking to get more from your display advertising we have expertise to run and develop rich media campaign. Fill up contact form with your campaign details and will get back to you.

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