Google Analytics useful reports

Marketing strategies have grown to be increasingly complex. Digital marketers now deliver a wide range of messages, across multiple platforms, to a massive audience of customers. Due to how strategies have developed, it begs the question of how we know our marketing efforts are effective that’s why we use Google Analytics useful reports.

We love the idea of brand values being stretched into creating beautiful, provocative, tangential communications, which use marketing pounds and dollars to tell us more about the world or support artistic endeavours.

You can see the insight has a very important job of bridging the gap between the issue and the idea. Talk to somebody who you would never otherwise talk to in a million years to get a different point of view that may shed light on things you have never considered before.

Behavioural targeting is an increasingly popular way for marketers to ensure that the advertising you see online is more relevant to your interests and preferences. It is based upon previously unidentifiable web browsing activity, such as pages viewed, searches made and ads clicked on.

Google Analytics useful reports

Google Analytics useful reports

You can use Google Analytics to collect user interaction data from websites, mobile apps, and many other digitally connected environments that you want to track

You can transformation your raw data to something more useful. Google Analytics also applies a filter that can include or exclude certain types of data from your reports, such as your own internal users. Google Analytics creates new metrics for your reports, like conversions and conversion rates when you set up Goals, for example, set up a Goal to track newsletter sign-ups.

Google Analytics useful reports for acquisition by traffic source is a great measure of how your outreach, link building and social media efforts are working by source. You can look at the site usage or ecommerce values for each of the sources and mediums to find growth over time.

Revenue by channel is similar to number one, but this provides a really useful way of seeing which channels are bringing you the money. Make new tasks on your site to take a long hard look to see what people should be doing and if they’re able to do it.

Are you still looking for what’s your lifetime customer value? Which conversions are driving revenue? Which conversions are deepening relationships? What channels are driving buying customers? Who is buying multiple times?

Get Free Google Analytics useful reports for Mobile with one insight and provide three recommendations for your website!

A very useful website for generating infographics for google analytics i.e. Piktochart

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