Forget about social media video power

social media video

Small companies are using social media video to help achieve goals for digital marketing strategies. Marketers are increasingly using video content to engage audiences on social media. The video is a valuable piece of a much larger content marketing strategy because it is so well made and so entertaining that people are naturally going to want to share it online.

Remember a good piece of video content doesn’t need to be a major big production.

Startups sometimes have a small budget, especially if they are just getting started, and won’t have much money for the video. A key component of good content marketing is the ability to stir up emotion and focuses on a specific audience with social video.

Show your audience how to use your product or service. Just get out there and start building entertaining video for your audience.

Social Media Video = Social Media + Online Video + Digital Marketing

Why is social media video an important piece of content marketing strategy?

  • Make interesting and useful content that people want to watch and share.
  • Facebook generates an average of eight billion video views per day
  • Only around half of small-business owners have made a video, social or otherwise, in the past year
  • People consume information in different ways, so with every three or four posts, at least one should be a video.
  • Social Channels are extremely powerful that can drive traffic to your website
  • Social video can boost both your brand awareness and its sales.

Don’t Forget about social media video power!

  • YouTube is one of the largest search engines behind Google
  • 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute online.
  • Billion Hours of Video are viewed every month
  • Facebook and YouTube attract billion unique monthly visitors
  • Single video can make good revenue for AdSense and affiliate programs

Our clients primarily care about results with social video, now you can create power content and manage expectation for both you and your client.

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Social Video Recipe

  • Build entertaining content which gets shared
  • Emotional content can stir up your audience
  • Focus specific audience for marketing strategy
  • Video quality should be high like 4k – Get GoPro HERO5
  • Length should be higher than your competitor
  • Image optimization for video
  • Subscribe to similar channels
  • Add a long description with keywords
  • Get traffic through annotation
  • Create playlist of videos in the channel

Get clicks and results with video marketing, production & advertising services

When people search on YouTube then most of the people like to watch that videos which are having more views and higher rating ratio

Social Video Advertising

Social Video Goals and Metrics to consider

  • The number of views your video receives.
  • Total seconds users spend watching your video.
  • The number of likes your video receives.
  • The number of times your video is shared on social media.

Your social media management can make or break a relationship with a potential client. Using attractive video content, you can communicate your value in the clearest way possible. Improve social media video quality and start getting organic traffic for your social channel and website.

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