Cost trusted solution for mobile video ads

Cost trusted solution for mobile video ads
Cost trusted solution for mobile video ads

Mobile video ads one of key factor for global digital growth. Mobile advertising already passed the one hundred billion mark which makes it larger then print and radio combined. “In China, mobile advertising is already the most important medium, and brand communications are mobile first. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches up”Zenith Media.

Mobile ads or banner advertisements, video placements and other rich media experiences are valuable to advertisers as it gives more engaging user experience.

Key takeaways

Dynamic ads provides you with more personalized content

Create static ad once and publish it to multiple channels. people can read it or view it, but they can’t change anything. In most cases, they can share or comment on it.

Dynamic personalized content converts at a much higher rate than static content. Search engines respond positively to fresh, dynamic content, especially content that is shared and subscribed.

Advertisers dominant mobile with Interstitial Video Ads

Interstitial ads are visuals that cover the entire mobile screen at the size of 320 x 480 pixels. This is the most popular size as it allows for more context, clearer call-to-action, and more creative content like videos, store locator, and many others. Soon mobile advertising to overtake desktop in coming year. “Intrusive Interstitials Not Allowed on Mobile”Iceg