Social Media Reach with Organic Posts

  Social media content is content which is created by individuals or companies for social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. What Exactly Is Organic Reach?   Organic reach is the number of people who see your content without paid distribution. It includes people who are shown your posts in their own feed or […]

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising

Banner Advertising Banner advertising refers to the use of a rectangular graphic display that stretches across the top, bottom, or sides of a website or online media property. Banner ads are image-based rather than text-based and are a popular form of online advertising. The horizontal type of banner advertisement is called a leader board, While […]

Social Media Post Design

Social Media Post Design

Do you know what is Social Media Post Design ? Nowadays, purchasers are besieged by Tweets, Facebook Posts, messages, and messages on their PCs and cell phones. At the point when clients just go through seconds seeing these messages, online media illustrations that go with them are crucial in building brand mindfulness and acknowledgment and […]

Power of influencer marketing to your business

Influencer marketing is a partnership between brand and influencer, so they can work together build something special. Brands can sponsor influencer content making their brand or product visible to a larger audience. What is Influencer Marketing Identify and engage the right people and understand the networks and audience segments they influence. Brands getting straight to […]

Forget about social media video power

Small companies are using social media video to help achieve goals for digital marketing strategies. Marketers are increasingly using video content to engage audiences on social media. The video is a valuable piece of a much larger content marketing strategy because it is so well made and so entertaining that people are naturally going to […]

How to build Facebook Canvas Storyboard Ads

Start your Facebook canvas ads by clicking below link Facebook canvas storyboard Access Canvas Through Your Page To access Canvas, click on “Publishing Tools” from within your page Click that “Create” button at the top. You’ll then see the following Click to download Canvas Layout PSD

How to do SEO Strategies for Facebook Page likes

While building and expanding your Facebook Page presence requires creative planning and consistent execution, SEO can play a vital role in boosting your Page’s growth rate. The first word in your fan page title is given the most importance by Google. SEO strategies and tactics for Facebook Page Find best SEO facebook pages strategies for […]

Engage with your audience through social media management

Social Media are increasingly becoming the best marketing option for your businesses. A promotional video for instance is not restricted to YouTube and other video sharing sites, but also can be added to a blog, a website, or your Facebook account in just a couple of clicks. Engagement Rate = Total Engagement (Likes + Comments […]

Identifying relevant social media content successfully for brands

In order to measure the effectiveness of your social campaigns, it’s critical that you know your objective. ROI is proof that your marketing efforts are working. Clients and supervisors need to know if you’re successful… and you do too! What is ROI. Return on Investment (%) = (Net profit / Marketing Costs) × 100. Set […]