The mobile advertising dynamic HTML5 mobile banner ads are future of mobile advertising as IAB Says HTML5 Is New Standard, Adobe Agrees. The impact of mobile technology on consumer behaviour is undeniable and ever-present. In 2015, marketers and organisations have to understand audience behaviours and needs in context rather than in isolation. Context influences device choice and hence the options that you need to present at any given time to a customer. The war between Flash vs HTML5 is over!

HTML5 Mobile Banner Ads
People are now constantly connected and using mobile devices to communicate, shop and stay entertained. In fact, 25% of global pageviews occur on smartphones and Tablets. There are now more consumers using the web in HTML5-compatible environments
Advertisers should build their rich media ads in HTML5 in order to reach a large audience. How to build responsive banners ads with HTML5.

Why you need HMLT5 Ads?

  • IAB Says HTML5 Is New Standard
  • Adwords image ads policy
  • Chrome Plugin Power Saver feature
  • Improve campaign performance

Chrome Plugin Power Saver feature
In September 2015, Chrome is launching a new Plugin Power Saver feature, which will automatically pause Flash ads. Make the switch to HTML5 now.

IAB Says HTML5 Is New Standard
In a move that is sure to change the digital advertising landscape, the Interactive Advertising Bureau laid out an overhaul to its display creative guidelines Monday that will make HTML5 the new standard in interactive marketing, further encouraging agencies to move away from Adobe’s Flash.

What image ads policy
HTML5 ads in AdWords have the limitations that only HTML5 ads created with Google Web Designer are supported.

Dynamic Creative Ads
A dynamic creative content is targeted to viewers. It provides a way to influence the content that is chosen for each impression, ensuring that you’re serving relevant content to each and every viewer.

  • Increase creative development efficiency
  • Increase trafficking efficiency
  • Serve the most relevant ad
  • Integrate seamlessly with DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM)

HTML5 tools for developers

  • Adobe Photoshop – For Designers Image Creation Tools
  • Adobe Edge – HTML5 Animation Tools
  • Create JS – Flash converters Toolkit
  • Google Web Designer Tool
Google web designer

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